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Reply to "College "Education" Is BS"

Well - you know you can't make that last statement and not expect for a question about it! Can you explain your thoughts about "rejecting integration"? We live in a white country. On a daily basis, we have no choice but to interact with white America. While "rejecting integration" can be emotionally liberating, what do you see as the practical implications, limits, and ramifications of that? I've written about using the "white flight" phenomenon to create all black or majority black communities. I've also talked about aggregating political power by choosing a state with a large African American base - like Georgia or Louisiana - and developing a strategic effort to create a "black state" there - to generate a national campaign to draw African Americans from all over the country to live there with the express purpose of gaining greater control over our lives etc. The state would end up with a black governor, black senators and congress people all the way down to school board etc. We would be making decisions with our best interests at heart. Do those kinds of ideas fit within your conception of "rejecting integration"?

Can we "reject integration" intellectually/mentally/emotionally/spiritually while still interacting with the white world around us on an 'as needed' basis?

I have read your thoughts about a Black state and of course, I think your outline is a great plan. However, Africans managing an entire state in this country will come with a cost. What I am saying is... Haiti, the first, only liberated and free African state / country in the western hemisphere is suffering, IMO, beause their ancestors kicked french ass all over Hispanola. Yes, I do think white folks have long term memory, especially in the case of the Haitian people. The ramifications of a free African state in this country will bring about the same type of pain Africans experience in Haiti.

Like Haiti, Cuba, the first liberated Afro Latin country in the west, also carries the burden of standing up to white hegemony. Although Castro's leadership style is not desired in a democratic and free market society, Cuba has made great strides after winning the revolution. Nevertheless, the amerikkkan government has been successful in severely damaging Cuba's ability to participate in global markets.

Your plans for statehood doesn't come with violence against white folks, but that will not prevent them from reacting violently (physical and political violence) once they see a mass migration of Black people to one location. Also, I think that any plan such as yours, would be much stronger if it included a global policy placing Black Africa at the core - espeically as it relates to the economic and social development of the Diaspora. Our people are on shakey ground because Africa is weak. I know this is a touchy subject. Many of our people don't even consider themselves African, so I know they can't accept Pan Africanism as a guiding principle.

I think there are major differences between "interacting" with white folks verses "integrating" with white folks. In the case of Jackie Robinson, his behavior led to the destruction of the fourth largest African American business during that era. And all for what? To play ball in an inferior league run by white people. It was not about the money... if you look at the statements made by Black ball players who wanted to play in the white major leagues, none of them mention money - they all talk about a desire to become validated as a baseball player. Africans need to address the psychosis that leads us to perform for white approval; and we need to move away from the notion that we have achieved less without it.

In the short term, the cost of rejecting integration appears to be suffocating; building nations is not easy. However in the long run, our progeny will celebrate us for making tough decisions that led to their eventual liberation. I fear we can't see that far ahead.