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Reply to "College "Education" Is BS"

Originally posted by Empty Purnata:
And Neocons complain that colleges are "breeding grounds" for "radical liberalism". Yeah, this is "radical liberalism" only if you are a Neocon. Most of what we are taught is Neoliberal rhetoric (from my experience). I have many friends (some of them Alumni) that agree. Colleges, contrary to the myth that they educate, really serve to indoctrinate largely. They indoctrinate students to become future Neoliberal traders and corporatists. I'd say the only thing really "radicall libreral" about college education is that it tends to be socially liberal (not economically or politically liberal). That's about it.

Has anyone else had this experience with college? sck

EP, I'm sorry for your disillusionment. As a college teacher myself, I feel duty bound to explain a few things:

(1) College professors are not paid to be deep penetrating thinkers that question the status quo.

(2) College professors ARE paid to be (I) competent teachers in their area of expertise and (II) competent researchers in a specialization who publish academic papers that are up to the standards of most of their peers (people who tend to be a lot like them).

Having said this, some college professors are INDEED deep penetrating original thinkers. But most are merely well trained competent thinkers whose primary concern is keeping their careers on track.

Some professional academics are great intellects but not every great intellect is a professional academic.

So it is not at all surprising thay many of them do not overly much question the status quo. Especially to the extent that they personally benefit from the status quo (along lines of race, gender, and class for example). That's just the way it is.

Lastly, many schools are heavily indebted to corporate money and it is not in their best interest to question the status quo. * This is ESPECIALLY true in the Bush era when state budgets are being cut mercilesssly. * I'm not kidding about this. Some departments are now rationing paper out to faculty.

BUT DO NOT DESPAIR. It is not all a scam. Most professors really do believe what they tell you and really do believe in the value of the information they try to impart. So keep this in mind. And keep an open mind. BUT ALSO there might VERY WELL be professors who are more to your liking. Seek out the like minds among the faculty. Don't be afraid to explore and openly question. Smile
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