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Reply to "College "Education" Is BS"

To misquote Morpheus:

"Welcome to the intellectual desert of the real." lol

I didn't take the soft science stuff particularly seriously. I assumed it was bullsh!t from the get go. I concentrated on math, science and engineering. I didn't get a course about electricity until 2nd semester sophomore year, Circuit Analysis I. They started talking about Kirchof's current law. When they explained what it was I thought, "I knew that when I was in grammar school." I had payed them $4400 up to that point. I was pi$$ed.

Kirchof came up with his laws in 1845. They didn't know the structure of the atom back then. This book:

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics by Stan Gibilisco

has that information. It costs $40.

I think our educational system is a scam. Children's time is wasted in grammar school and high school when their mind's are most ready to assimilate information, then people need to go to college because they still know so little. It's about making money wasting people's time. But in this society not having that piece of paper is a form of economic suicide.

So you need to find the right books to truly educate yourself and put up with the BS in school for the paper. If you don't believe the illusion you won't be disillusioned.