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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

So that no one else (save the illiterate) will be tempted to again take my statements OUT OF CONTEXT, I'll repost it: I was very specific in my original post about which "systems of control" I was referring to (prisons, the military, and conservative religion) and that statement did NOT constitute an argument for unconditional individual freedom...

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
It disturbs me that on every side I see * systems of control * on the rise: systems meant to keep us under control: whether that be the prison industrial complex, the military industrial complex, or these loopy religious movements: it's the same thing...

And what's much worse is that we're willingly running into the arms of those same systems...

Even if one resists - as I do - to make matters worse, our own women are demanding we submit to this control in some form or other...

As descendants of slave we must learn to be free, how to exercise our will, or to not execise our will, to strive for a goal, or not strive for a goal - in short, how to control ourselves - and how to freely choose our destiny...

Anything else is inadequate.

Just MHO

Anyone who has a problem with this IS part of the problem IMHO...

Originally posted by Kai:
I came on this thread to correct you. You spoke out against "systems of control" which challenge absolute personal liberty. I came on the thread to say that while it sounds good to always be a self lord and master, sometimes you must join onto to others for a greater good

Before you come in "correcting" people, YOU SHOULD FIRST LEARN TO READ. There are many ways of joining together for a greater good. The one way - the only way - I specifically rejected was the one that requires me to leave my mind at the door and sign off on questionable religious beliefs - no further questions allowed... I said NOTHING whatsoever about "absolute personal liberty." That was of your imagining.
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