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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"


You are full of hot air

Perhaps you feel blown away...I understand.

and seem to be deliberately misconstruing my posts.

No..I will allow you all of the credit for that one. Your points are incoherent and loosely tied.

You asked me what I had against unity, protection, and service. My response was nothing. But what I objected to were the other unrelated doctrines which have not a damned thing to do with unity, protection, or service. But which nevertheless demand assent from members of the organization and whose ONLY function is intellectual control...

Have you ever been a member of these "Loopy" organizations? If not, are you really qualified to make such a judgment?

Now let us be clear here...You were not limiting your comments to any particular organization, you were intentionally rejecting, any, and all organizations which seek to exercise any control over it's members.

Which is why you said the following:

in short, how to control ourselves - and how to freely choose our destiny...Anything else is inadequate.

Self control..anything else is inadequate...your thoughts...stand on them.

It is impossible to be completely self controlled, and united with anyone....You must surrender a portion of the control to others...

Your position is inherently flawed....You cannot be for a thing and simultaneously against it.

You asked what I had against unity, protection, and service and my response was and remains that I embrace these ideas. What I do not embrace are the other doctrines. I gave as an example the doctrine about Fard Muhammad - the ONLY reason why I even brought it up: as an example of a debatable doctrine unrelated to unity, protection, or service...

Dishonest at best.

This was never about any specific ideology. It was about the organization, and it's structure. Your complaint would be the same even if you accepted the majority of the ideology...You just don't like the idea of someone directing you. After all slavery is over..Right?

I'm not debating the correctness of these doctrines - nor am I "shocked" by them ...

Good...Of course you would not debate such a thing....

but I'm merely questioning whether or not they are necessary to achieve unity, protection, and service

More shuffling, and dishonesty....

This was not about the ideology....This was about mechanics. I don't give a damn what the ideology was..If it strictly required you to submit, and to "move out" when ordered...People like you wouldn't join...They watch from the sidelines, with their hands stuffed into their pockets.... Of course, they criticize, and speculate from the safety of the stands....While Men engage the opponent on the field.

My contention is that they are not... that they are in fact unnecessarily destructive of "unity" as there is always room for disagreement over such doctrines... AND MOREOVER THEY SERVE NO OTHER FUNCTION THAN CONTROL OVER MEMBERS... And even more than that, they needlessly discriminate against good brothers and sisters who have great contributions to make to the collective and whose only crime is to refuse to submit their minds to wacky (at the worst - at the best debatable) ideas

This is becoming silly. Are you a FOI, or a Marine or something like that? Have you been to prison?

What qualifies you to make such statements?

I came on this thread to correct you. You spoke out against "systems of control" which challenge absolute personal liberty. I came on the thread to say that while it sounds good to always be a self lord and master, sometimes you must join onto to others for a greater good, and while doing so you will have to surrender some personal space reserved for the all mighty internal monarch roaming around in your mind.

Your current rambling (I am for unity, just not with people who accept an ideology I reject) would be sufficient to help you dodge the foot in your mouth, however, it cannot, since you called any structure which removes your unencumbered right to self control- "inadequate".

I will not accept "UNITY" at any cost... Since Fascists frequently value and are able to achieve "UNITY"...

No sensible human being would accept unity at any price. The problem here is that in your world, you could only unite in a system which gave you all of the control...What kind of unity is that?

You seem to be deliberately changing the subject... And you are ticking me off...

Interesting....What happens when you get ticked off? Why don't you show me......

* I would appreciate if in your next response to me you demonstrate some reading comprehension * Thank you...

Oh I comprehend alright....Doesn't take much brain power, or imagination to know who and what you are....

Certain things are crystal....

Don't forget to get ticked off....It will amuse me.

The Saracen Knight