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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

Yes. NOI may be premised on service, protection, and unity AMONG OTHER IDEAS. Are you going to tell me that NO other ideas are involved?

Baby steps....Definitely baby steps...

Okay c'mon...

Your gripe was not against ideology, it was against "systems of control". Your statements indicated a broad indictment of all institutions which exercises control over it's members.

You specifically indicated in your argument that we should be self governed.

I have raised the issue of unity to counter some of what you asserted.

Do not get me wrong, I am for self governance in most instances, however, I am also a man who understands the need for unity. Further, I understand that the mechanics of unity include allowing others to have some say over how I will live. I consent to being governed in such systems of control.

If you are saying that you are for control, however, not when it requires you to join on to others who do not share your ideas, then fine...You should say that...Because thus far...You sound kinda Loopy...

And as for Fard Muhammad: Can't you friggin read???. One of the ideas in addition to service, protection, and unity is that this man is God. And that's from the official NOI website]

Is this suppose to be some explosive revelation?

Are you shocked by the claim that God is a man? Perhaps you should do a little research on the history of Anthropomorphism, and God, before you try and shock us. Perhaps the idea of God being a man is not so strange after all....

Careful sonny....

The Saracen Knight