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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

I have read on UNOI thayfen & virtue - I wasn't looking for a primer from either of you - just further elaboration on earlier statements. Too many people make matters of faith untouchable in critical discussion. If anyone here is too sensitive to participate in this portion of the discussion, he/she can willingly bow out. All opinions are welcome.

virtue- Do you think this:
all? .... there are plenty of women left that do not want structure or an accountable moral environment.....

is a fair statement? Are you suggesting that UNOI (or similiar groups) is the only way to acquire "structure or an accountable moral environment"?

Also, this submission to structure seems contrary to the notion of a god creating whatever he desires. Please reconcile the discrepancy for me?

I am in sync with this HonestBrother:
As descendants of slave we must learn to be free, how to exercise our will, or to not execise our will, to strive for a goal, or not strive for a goal - in short, how to control ourselves - and how to freely choose our destiny...

Anything else is inadequate.

Darn - I made a bad edit - Oh well, the key part of my post is still here!
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