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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

Originally posted by Rowe:
Originally posted by ddouble:
Being vegan is a choice - not necessarily a better one than eating meats.

I disagree. Natural meat eaters eat flesh raw. Accordingly, natural meat eaters have claws, sharp teeth, sweat through the mouth, have a short intenstine which is two thirds the length of their bodies (humans are 30 ft. long), their jaws move up and down only, and the stomach can digest hair. Humans lack all of these natural meat eating habits and attributes. Furthermore, the human intestinal tract causes meat to stay in the body for up to 3 days. This causes toxins to be aborbed in the body creating diseases, while the natural meat eater's raw-flesh diet allows meat to leave quickly (1 day or less). In addition, flesh eating increases the workload of the kidneys and the liver. Consequently, this decreases man's ability to biochemically protect himself. Aside from this, animals secrete adrenaline into their bodies as a reaction to the fear caused by the slaughterhouse environment. This adrenaline poisons the flesh and creates toxins. Lastly, many types of diseases are transmitted by dead animals. The disease of Salmonella poisoning causes symptoms which resemble "colds," "flus," and "viruses." These symptoms are misdiagnosed and treated with "cold" medicines. There are of course many other health risks associated with eating meat, but just considering the information that we have discussed thus far, I would say that people who adhere to limited or meat-abstaining diets are indeed much healthier, for a myriad of reasons, than those who do not. They are also a lot less susceptible to premature death compared to non-meat eaters.

There are some nutrients that are hard to come by in vegan diets. Particularly if they do not consume diary.

It is mistake to assume that eating meat and dairy will provide you with all of the nutrients that you will need. Even meat and dairy consumers suffer from vitamin deficiency. This is why nutritionists recommend that both vegans and meat-eaters integrate supplements into their diets. Vitamins are given the name of vitamins because they are considered "vital to life." Vitamins both energize and minerally stablize the body. For these reasons, it is important to take vitamins, regardless of your dietary status. Dairy products are especially unsafe. Icecream and cheese in particular are totally unsafe. Icecream is made from cheese by-products, butter, butter oil, evaporated milk, condensed milik, all types of buttermilk, all types of skim milk, milk treated with sodium hydroxide and disodium phosphate, plastic cream, dried cream, cheap poisonous thinners, propylene (paint remover, antifreeze), imitation flavors (used as flea killers, embalming fluid, leather tanners), industral flavor chemicals (have caution and innocuous poison labels on them), polyoxyethylenes (cancerous), sodium a carboxymethyl cellulose (cancer inciter), gelatin (increases germ growth), antioxidants, buffers, neutralizers, stabilizers, and other dangerous chemicals which have been approved by the FDA. The chemical content of icecream and cheese does not have to be listed on the label as it has been exempted by the FDA.

Drinking in moderation is shown to improve heart health and lipid profiles, so being a non-drinker isn't inherently better either.

There are other, less risker, ways to improve the heart's condition if that's a person's goal. Drinking alcohol, a beverage that has also been linked to a wide range of illnesses, such as the increased risk of mouth, pharyngeal and oesophageal cancers (this risk being greatly increased if combined with smoking), is not one of the ways that I would choose to do this, especially when there much more healthier, less dangerous ways to achieve the same goal.

How do you determine someone is "lost" at first sight? It takes at least one conversation, maybe more to determine compatability. What does distinguished mean to you?

Now is probably a good time to mention that many of these brothers that I know, as associates, are veteran members of the United Nation of Islam (U.N.O.I). They live by strict dietary rules (only foods that are as close to their natural state are consumed), rigid standards of behavior, and rarely do they become involved in a relationship unless there is a prospect for marriage, having understood that recreational relationships are a detriment to the Black community. And so, the odds of them being attracted to the average woman in the mainstream community are nil.

Although I do not identify with some of their fundamentalist religious beliefs (e.g., women having to wear their hair covered, the men being permitted to have more than one wife), these men are what I would consider "distinguished" men. That is, they are conscious about how they live.
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