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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

Wonderful post, Sandye. kiss

Many folks can say that some men and women are pursuing those out of one's league. The question is "what" league are we in? Are the leagues measured by height? Body tone? Income? Confidence level?

I was friends with many female jocks and cheerleaders because I knew them in my classes. Many of my male friends in college didn't try to talk to them b/c they thought they weren't in they're "league." But they gave me high fives sometimes, thinking I was "macking" them, but I really talking to them about the homework.

I'll admit that looking back at the gymnasts, cheerleaders and homecoming queens that I asked out, MANY of them were out of my league. Fortunately, I didn't care because I gotten props from my friends for being brave enough to approach them.

I used to think that I was out of their league when I counted all the no's I received back in the day, but a former co-worker once said to me, "there's no such thing as out of one's league. If you believe you're less than, then you'll never achieve or take a risk in anything." And he was right. There's no major league and (AAA)minor league versions of "Love Connection."

IMHO, no ones wants to believe that they're out of anyone's league, real or not. And as long as there's shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire and Flavor of Love (shuddering) on the air, don't come to me with some "I'm out of your league" crap.

If there are women fighting (staged or not) over Flavor Flav, and you KNOW he's not making any cash or records (no Diddy or Jay-Z $$$) since most of his money is going to child support for his 6 or 7 kids, anything is possible. Since I don't have kids at all, maybe there's hope for me. Big Grin
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