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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

Originally posted by Rowe:
Brother Ddouble, are you implying that women and men pursue relationships in the same ways? Haven't we all reached the conclusion that men have a tendency to select women based on looks, whereas women select men based on income? So why would I give you all the same advice that I would give women? Finally, in my view, though the two discussions centered on the same topic, the arguments that were being presented are not the same. In the discussion brother Honestbrother is referencing, the women, sister Frenchy in particular, was not defending a right to discriminately date superficial men. Essentially, Frenchy was defending her right to fashion her own conception (whether it was a lawyer or a janitor) of what a "creme of crop" man means to her.

Come, come, Rowe!

Pursue people of substance (not necessarily wealthy or good looking), people in your league, people with things in common with you...

Much of what you just said goes over verbatim to the ladies.

In that discussion, Frenchy seemed to be defending the right to go after whatever - for whatever superficial reasons (lots o' moola for example) however unrealistic. And you all are whining and compaining because you're not getting these "cream of the crop" men (whatever that means to you).

I can NOT believe you don't see the parallels.