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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

---------CONFLICT THEORY------------

I am beginning to see a new power struggle; originally, it was/is between the
established black man (representing patriarchy or what's left of it) and the
feminist ideology of the modern black woman.

Now I see a struggle between the established black man and the non-conforming
black thug; all for the favor of the black woman.

It will take an aggressive and firm foot to shatter the misconception that thugs
are deserving of the black woman's favor.

Question is how important is it to the traditional, structured black man that he
be number one in the eye of all black women?

I don't believe that the favoritism many black women have for thugs is sincere
and genuine. To me, this preference is out of pure spite and defiance of the black
Patriarch (past, present and future).