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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

Originally posted by qty226: is another perspective. After talking with friends/family, it seems that 'some' black women are fearful of educated, established black men.
These are men with financial power in the community. The community looks up to these men, and they have the ability to hurt, and discard those in their circle. (friends/lovers, etc)
A lot of women are defensive.....and will put up a wall, (not giving this type of black man a chance), because either she has experienced this or has seen this happen to other women.
Thats my two cents

Very interesting. Are you saying they (some black women) would rather deal with a thug than a percieved sucess? Why do they not fear the thug when that lifestyle seems to have more dangers associated with it? Is there a feeling of not measuring up to set/certain standards?
I have not heard of sucessful blackmen discarding women " just because" or as a means to increase power.

Sorry for so many questions but this is really an interesting theory/observation.