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Reply to "Cognitive dissonance and the black woman"

Originally posted by detroit1:
Some sistas will even choose "underemployed black men" as the topic of discussion when conversing with employed black men.

Talk About Beating A Dead Horse...

I had written something earlier that I decided to delete, but how are the accusations that you're making about the prevalence of "Cognitive Dissonant Black women" any different from the accusations being made about underemployed Black men, especially when you're conversing with Black women who are and/or have been in relationships with successful Black men?

Not that it's anyone's business, but the last guy that I dated has an Associate's, 2 Bachelor's, 1 Master's Degree, and is a supervisor at the Department of Energy in Washington, DC. The man with whom I was in a serioius relationship before him was working on his Master's Degree, and he established and managed a business with a colleage in Baltimore--and I can assure you that I am indeed a Black woman.

Therefore, I fail to see the validity in your argument when you haven't inquired or surveyed the dating experiences of women on this site nor have you produced any documented research that would clearly show that there is a surplus of employed and educated Black men at our disposal, that 800,000 Black men are not being wharehoused in jails, or that Black women do not make up the majority of college graduates within the Black community. Where is your evidence disproving what everyone from social scientists to relationship experts have long since acknowledged??? I would also like to read descriptions of what it is like to be a single Black woman in America from the perspective of Black women themselves, and not from anyone else's perspective.

Here we go again with this...
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