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Reply to "Clearly, Illegal aliens and his or her lawyers have a better understanding of how best to hold a public servant accountable to the Constitution, than far too Many U.S. Born Blacks!"


RE:  "Conservatives answer to Rev Jackson, Rev. Jesse L. Peterson"


Indeed Mr. Peterson,


I'm not about to change my birth name to any Black Nationalist, NOI, or other name, just to conform to the Race Card movement/Bash the U.S. ideology/Blame Caucasians for everything that is wrong with the Black community ideology.


Unlike, Malcolm X, who truly stepped up to the plate, and would be at the head of the pack, to confront rogue police officers, unethical city prosecutors, lying public servants, or anyone else who has contempt for the rights of law abiding U.S. born Black men and women...........


.........the truly spineless, dysfunctional, pseudo, and "Race Card" playing leaders of contemporary times (Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton, multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless.....aka....the Congressional Black Caucus, Congresswoman Maxine "Kerosene" Waters, the New Black Panthers, Dr. Umar Johnson, no good inept Black lawyers-Attorney Elizabeth Harris- being one of many, and multiple university educated but misguided so called Afro-Americans, etc., etc.) stir up trouble, are deceitful, spineless, un-American, truly dysfunctional, and waste no time leaving you behind to deal with the problems that they create, to make it even more difficult for you to succeed in life.


Elected Black Leaders, Lawyers, and a Dysfunctional Black Community More so Than Caucasians Disparage U.S. Citizenship Protections for U.S. born Blacks!


YouTube: "Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka" - Dr. Umar Johnson


1. Unlike Dr. Umar Johnson and numerous other blacks who do not place value in his or her U.S. citizenship, in contrast, I value U.S. citizenship, and the Constitutional protections that are associated with being a U.S. citizen.  Even illegal immigrants attempt to protest whenever they believe his or her Constitutional rights are violated.  Illegal Aliens don't have any Constitutional rights because illegal immigrants are neither citizens nor legal immigrants, but they still have more sense than many U.S. born Black men and women who are citizens, but who devalue his or her citizenship.


YouTube:  "I'm Not African American" uploaded by TerikaSaidIt


2.  I'm a U.S. born descendant of slavery who is not African American. I'm a U.S. citizen who just happens to be Black.


3.  An African American is an individual who was born in Africa, but who subsequently became a naturalized U.S. citizen through the legal immigration process.


4.  An African American can also be a Caucasian man or woman whose birthplace is in Africa, but who became a naturalized U.S. citizen through the legal immigration process.


5.  All elected officials are under oath and mandated by law to uphold the Constitution to serve all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.


6.  Unless his or her reputation is under fire, being forced to answer a civil or criminal complaint, to save his or her own selfish interests, typically elected black leaders do not believe in the Constitution.   Since an elected official's primary function is to uphold the Constitution, these same elected Black leaders more so than Caucasian elected officials trash and disparage U.S. Constitutional protections for U.S. born descendants of slavery like me.


7.  Having been a plaintiff and defendant in the Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles, and the Appellate Court or the State of California, I also know that all judges are under oath to uphold the Constitution too.  Many court decisions are rendered using the Constitution, tort practice, etc., etc., as a basis for the final court decision.


8.  It is not Caucasian America's fault when dysfunctional court clerks sign court judgments, when it is common knowledge that court clerks do not have this authority.  Any court judgment signed by a court clerk is meaningless.  A dysfunctional black woman (Delores Odom Stocks) employed as a court clerk signed a court judgment at my expense.  Even though this court document is invalid, because it lacks a judge's signature, this won't stop an LA County Sheriff from attempting to use an invalid court document to take property, make use of this same worthless piece of paper as a warrant for my arrest, etc., etc.     Since the Constitutional rights take precedence, should any police officer attempt to use such a worthless document against me, I will challenge this, because most any police officer knows or should know the difference between a valid court judgment signed by a judge and a worthless piece of paper signed by a court clerk.


60 Minutes, Sunday, March 24, 2013, “Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks”.

As his day in court approached, Brian says that his lawyer feared that he wouldn’t get a fair trial, based on his age, size & race. So she (Attorney Elizabeth Harris), an African-American herself, convinced Brian to plead no contest to a crime he insisted he didn’t commit.”


-Attorney Elizabeth Harris should have been fired and disbarred from practicing law in the United States of America.


9.  University educated black lawyers who advise his or her client to plead no contest, when this is the worst thing that any attorney can do, in behalf of serving the truly innocent.


10.  University educated black lawyers who state "Forget about the Constitution, Keep it simple" which again makes such an individual unqualified to competently represent any plaintiff or defendant in any courtroom.


11.   Elected Black leaders (LA City Councilman Herb Wesson being one) who use his or her influence to make a citizen's arrest against his or her constituency when petitioned for redress, when agents and officials of government violate the property rights of law abiding U.S. citizens.


12.  I'm not the only who knows this to be true (PB Short knows this too), and who refuses to allow any dunce of a representative to speak for or represent me, who is truly incompetent and spineless to the power of infinity.


Source: "Will Smith, Jesse Jackson, Chris Rock Support Dr. Boyce Watkins and Russell Simmons’ Campaign Against Mass Incarceration".


Selected comment:


"The problem with MASS-INCARCERATION is not the USA JUST_US system…

The problem is with Black people; as the old saying goes, ignorance of the law is no excuse…

When you nine (9) out of ten (10) Blacks taking plea deals, and pleading guilty because of their ignorance, then there is nothing you can do about that…

You go to any city in America, and Black folks will tell you, you better take that deal, these white folks don’t play here…and this is all too common among Blacks…

1) Never give up your right to “REMAIN SILENT”…

2) Never give up your right to a “SPEEDY TRIAL”…

These are the most common rights we give up as a whole…I have been charged with every crime under the SUN, just for being Black…held in jail with a high bond for months waiting to go to trial…put in cells with thugs, and had to fight daily, because the people think that I will plead guilty to their erroneous charges…

NEVER, to strong for that, my mind is not week…You have Black court appointed attorneys convincing their clients to plead guilty, instead of the attorney doing their job to investigate a case; I guess it is a lot easier to get  $30,000.00 to convince your own race to plead guilty, then to have to work for the money and help convince a jury they are not guilty

There is nothing your “NOT  the Black people’s President” can do for you…it is like education, it must start in the home…but for some reason, families are the first ones to convince you to take the deal" -PB Short.

-PB Short


There is one positive solution, and that is using the influence necessary to insure that any inept court appointed attorney or otherwise, especially a court appointed Black attorney who has a history of recommending his or her client and/or to any judge of the court that his or her Black and truly innocent client "plead no contest/guilty" be fired on the spot, or disbarred from practicing law in the United States of America.



RE: “Which leaders speak for black America?” by David A. Love


RE: YouTube: "Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka" - Dr. Umar Johnson

Selected comment:


"The Constitution was written by SLAVEHOLDERS.  Africans weren't on their minds when it was written.  All my days on this planet, I have never been referred to as an American.  I hear MINORITY (lesser than) all the time, and behind closed doors, I imagine it gets worse than that.  When the African goes wrong, it's not the AFRICAN who handles the situation, It's the CAUCASIAN.  Had we all been born in Japan or China, would we be calling ourselves African-Japanese or African-Chinese?  If we did, how dumb would we be and how dumb would we appear??  Just asking!! by Norland


This is not 1865, and the Dread Scott decision has no bearing on what happens today.   The only enslavement that U.S. born Blacks face today is the obstacles that he or she place on themselves and/or any treasonous misfit from within the Black community itself who contributes to disparaging Constitutional protections.


Slim chance exists that any of these individuals, as it concerns Norland, Dr. Umar Johnson, any loud mouth and misguided Black nationalists talking against the merits of the Constitution and the value of American citizenship racing to relocate to any other part of the planet to make a living, to raise their families, relocating once and for all to leave the U.S. for Cuba, the Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, North Korea, China, Japan, Russia, etc., etc.


The very individuals who did, namely Eldridge Cleaver, other members of the Black Panthers, regretted it, and the ones who were lucky enough to return to the U.S., were so grateful to be allowed to re-enter the U.S. that these individuals virtually kissed U.S. soil.


Provided an individual is competently represented the U.S. is still the greatest and most equitable nation on the planet.


It would behoove anyone with any sense, who faces criminal indictment, who has any civil claim in any court or who is actually facing the music, and whose mission is to win, to ignore the misguided advice that trashes the value of the Constitution or the value of U.S. citizenship as represented by Dr. Umar Johnson, etc., etc., any university educated "fool" and fire any attorney, such as Attorney Elizabeth Harris, etc., etc., who places no value in Constitutional protections, or in competently representing a client.

This could be your life, future, reputation, assets, family, or best interests at stake.  No one needs an additional adversary in the courtroom, as this relates to hiring any attorney who is a disgrace to the profession, and who is already against you, every second that he or she trashes the merits of Constitutional protections.  A hint to the wise should be sufficient.


Since this is a nation of individual rights, and the freedom of speech is a first Amendment Constitutional protection if an American chooses to call his or herself a Tuvalu American, they have that right.