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Reply to "Clearly, Illegal aliens and his or her lawyers have a better understanding of how best to hold a public servant accountable to the Constitution, than far too Many U.S. Born Blacks!"


RE:  "Time to Remove Race From Gun Debate"


sunnubian and/or anyone else of anti NRA/Gun lobbyist expression


I support the NRA and unlike you I have no beef with the NRA and the Gun Lobbyists.  As a matter of fact, I'm on the side of the NRA, the gun lobbyists, and/or the gun owners.  I'm not against any American owning an assault weapon or any other weapon.


Again, a firearm, a military weapon, any weapon is not the problem.  The problem lies with the irrational/unstable individual or any individuals who pull the trigger, arm the weapon, etc.   The NRA and the gun lobbyists are not my enemies.


My enemies, my beef is with agents and officials of government who have contempt for the Constitution, the "oath of office"  and the rule of law no matter who they are.   If the 2nd amendment has to be used to keep government in check, then so be it.  Since criminal and subversive individuals will always find a way to acquire any weapon no matter how many gun prohibition laws are passed,  no matter how politically strong the NRA or any gun lobbyist can be, then it is senseless to leave any American citizen at the mercy of government bureaucrats or leave any U.S. citizen in a vulnerable position.  


Police officers, agents and officials of government will not be there to protect your life or family members,  when your life, other family members, other law abiding community members and/or personal or real property are threatened by any criminal or subversive individual who possesses any type of firearm, and this is especially the case in the "inner-city".   No debate necessary. 


Last but not least, more so than any other ethnic group, the Black community has issues with having respect for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its' community residents.


Caucasians, Hispanics, Koreans, etc., etc., are not senselessly killing their own people on the scale that commonly (Black on Black Crime) takes place on the streets of Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, MI, former predominately Black Compton, CA, South Los Angeles, former predominately Black Compton, CA, South Los Angeles, Newark, NJ, Oakland, CA, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. ,etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.


No amount of police intervention or community based policing will stop this senseless Black on Black killing in any predominately Black community, because more times than not, policing authorities show up a "Day Late and a Dollar Short...when you need the police you can't find them, and when you don't need them, in a typical Black vs Police/Court System experience, you may be unjustly harassed, fined, and/or jailed without cause" and more so than the police, the community at risk, namely U.S. born Black men, women, and his or her siblings, must step up to plate to improve the quality of life to protect and defend the Black community against all enemies, foreign and domestic.   


The Black community must clean up its' own backyard, or the U.S. born descendant of slavery segment of the Black community will perish for failing to have respect for its' own U.S. born Black residents.

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

The NRA and gun lobby control the gun laws.  Period.  And NOTHING meaningful in the way of controlling gun violence is, can or will happen .... as long as that is true.  Period.


ANY talk of "gun reform/control" has to begin with the serious contemplation of breaking the NRA's hold on our government and the elected officials whose re-election campaigns prominently depend on NRA campaign contribution support!!   


This is what the debate should be about. 


When Americans take our gun laws out of the hands of the Gun Lobby, then America's gun laws will be what they should be, without infringing on the Constitutional Rights of any American Citizen that is qualified and sane to own a gun.


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