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Reply to "Clearly, Illegal aliens and his or her lawyers have a better understanding of how best to hold a public servant accountable to the Constitution, than far too Many U.S. Born Blacks!"


"There is no doubt that racism exists. Just as it always has, and always will.


And a perfect example is Ome's claim that unless you are black you can't understand what the black race has been through. I agree with his statement. I also believe it is inherently racist. That statement indicates that any individual's life experience will largely be shaped by their race. And the ability of an individual to relate to certain experiences is determined by their race. Arguments predicated on race are inherently racist because they dismiss the ability of people of other races to share similar experiences."- CKThompson





There are university educated individuals teaching Black men, women, and children that he or she are not U.S. citizens.  More astonishing is that far too many U.S. born Black men and women, including university educated Black men and women are or have given this idiot a forum, support, and/or are even buying his books.


RE: YouTube: "Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka" - Dr. Umar Johnson


Selected comment:


"The Constitution was written by SLAVEHOLDERS.  Africans weren't on their minds when it was written.  All my days on this planet, I have never been referred to as an American.  I hear MINORITY (lesser than) all the time, and behind closed doors, I imagine it gets worse than that.  When the African goes wrong, it's not the AFRICAN who handles the situation, It's the CAUCASIAN.  Had we all been born in Japan or China, would we be calling ourselves African-Japanese or African-Chinese?  If we did, how dumb would we be and how dumb would we appear??  Just asking!! by Norland


This is not 1865, and the Dread Scott decision has no bearing on what happens today.  

The only enslavement that U.S. born Blacks face today are the obstacles that he or she place on themselves and/or any treasonous misfit from within the Black community itself who contributes to disparaging Constitutional protections.


Slim chance exists that any of these individuals, as it concerns Dr. Umar Johnson, any loud mouth and misguided Black nationalists talking against the merits of the Constitution and the value of American citizenship racing to relocate to any other part of the planet to make a living, to raise their families, relocating once and for all to leave the U.S. for Cuba, the Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, North Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Belize, etc., etc.


Clearly, Illegal aliens and his or her lawyers have a better understanding of how best to hold a public servant or anyone else accountable to the Constitution, the "Oath of Office", and/or the "Rule of Law" than far too Many U.S. Born Blacks!

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