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Reply to "Claude Steele Discusses How Group Stereotypes Can Influence Intellectual Performance"

Originally posted by Nmaginate:
It's rather ironic... Claude is Shelby's brother, right?

Well, it's funny that Stereotype Threat hasn't had the same currency as the "Acting White" ideas (which have been contradicted). Wonder why?

The Second Slave Era 2006: The Dismantling Of the African Mind

One of the things that lead me to the education profession was my experience as a job-seeker. Whenever I attended job fairs, I noticed majority of the students applying for the higher-paying positions in fields that have the greatest impact on our world (i.e., computer science, engineering, technology, agriculture, biology, and natural sciences) were Whites, Asians, and foreign students from India. The Black students, however, were huddled around the lower-paying booths (i.e., Target, K-Mart, Military Recruitment, Police and FBI opportunities, Verizon, etc. This was both disappointing and baffling. I wondered what was driving Black students' career choices? Why aren't Black students attracted to the mathematics and science fields?

I sought Black education professionals, psychologists and social scientists, such as Gloria Ladon-Billings, Jawanza Kunjufu, Janice Hale, Claude Steele, Asa Hillard and others for help and answers because I wanted to know what was holding us back? Why aren't we excelling academically? Why are we the lowest and the worst at everything academic and the best at everything outside of academia?

Some researchers say that it's the Black students' home culture, which encourages them to take a negative and rebellious stance against "the school system" and education in general. Others are saying it is a low academic self-esteem that plagues African-American students, which is transferred from one generation to the next. In other words, because the parents had bad school experiences, the parents don't expect much more academically from their offspring. And still others argue that its ultimately the constant threat of racism and prejudice that's precluding Black students from excelling in school. Whatever the cause may be, we have to do something about this on a magnificent scale. Minds are being wasted. Minds are rotting. We need help, before its too late.
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