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Reply to "Clark Enters Race"

Originally posted by Vox:

Plus, while we can hold him accountable to what he's running on now, his chances of beating Bush will be severely limited by his past statements. "President Bush and Tony Blair should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt." How many times is that going to run in Bush ads against Clark?

Fine - let them run that ad. Democrats will run an entire campaign of the lies that Bush told the world.

  • Iraq connection to 9/11?

  • WMDs?

  • Uranium in Niger?

  • Reconstituted nuclear weapons program?

  • Missiles capable of hitting Europe ready in 45 minutes?

  • Americans would be welcomed with open arms?

  • The war would be 'quick and easy'.

  • Iraqi oil would finance the entire thing?

    Support for the war was predicated upon lies from the administration. They won't shoot that bullet because it'll come back and hit them!

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