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Reply to "Clark Enters Race"

Originally posted by EbonyRose:
but the man who introduced him, Rep. Marion Berry, D-Arkansas...

??? Some coinkidink, huh?

... started his introduction speech by quoting the words of the Bill of Rights and the "every man is created equal" thing and the "inalieable rights" spiel ... and I gotta tell you, that's an almost automatic turn-off with me, unless it's followed by something like 'yet, it wasn't really true at the time it was written, because millions of "citizens" were denied those rights and so this country was built on a lie ... but, as Americans, we are making a strong effort towards righting that wrong' (or something to that effect! Big Grin)

Does that need to be said after every single utterance of those words?

Anyway, you wanted me, currently a Clark supporter, to try to answer the question why you "should rally behind or vote for this person as president of the United States." I can only try to answer why I like him so far. My issues may not be the same as yours. I probably should put this in Editorials, but here goes...

First off, my #1 issue this year is that nothing is more important right now than getting George W. Bush out of office. As you know, I'm one of the biggest boosters of the idea that blacks need to stop being so monolithic in supporting the Democrats. However, this year, I would urge us all to support the Democratic candidate who has the best chance of beating this joker and getting him and his cabal out of the White House. Whichever candidate looks to be the one most likely to beat Bush is the one I'm voting for, no matter what. There are two reasons for this.

1) I love this country, and Bush is really botching things up. Just when I began to believe that the USA would outlive me, this guy comes along and starts destroying all of the things that guaranteed its success. The Iraq war, if we don't rebuild Iraq properly, will result in what could have been our #1 Arab ally (modern, secular culture, cheap, abundant, easy to produce oil, 5000 years of culture) into an anarchic hotbed of terrorism and chaos. I'm convinced Bush doesn't care. And US dominance has largely been based on a politics of respect and cooperation with our allies. This guy Bush has gone Soviet on us, trying to bully our allies into submission. It failed the USSR, and it will fail the US, especially since our most powerful allies now make up an economic and military bloc in Europe that comes close to rivalling the US.

2) President Bush has stacked the federal courts with exceedingly rightwing judges who may or may not be particularly qualified, as long as they are as right wing as possible. Judicial activism is never good, but when the activism promotes ideological ends, it'll be disastrous, especially to those of us that are often seen as the targets of right wing animus. The damage from what he's done will be felt for decades, but 4 more years of Bush would be even worse: the current 9 Supreme Court justices have been together longer than any other lineup ever, and it's certain that at least three will leave between 2004 and 2008. If Bush gets to nominate their replacements, you're looking at 5 Antonin Scalias and Clarence Thomases. But also, Stevens is well into his 80s and at least one other one is dealing with significant health problems. So that's 5 that the next president might replace. So that'll make 2 moderate-to somewhat-liberals, and 7 who think like Thomas and Scalia.

Their decisions will shape the laws of this country for a century. With this kind of makeup, we are looking at a lifetime of neo-fascism. And I mean our grandchildren's lifetimes, not ours.

So, the most important thing is that Bush not be reelected.

So far, on the strength of his accomplishments and image alone, Clark appears #1, able to beat Bush, #2, able to beat Bush, and #3, able to beat Bush. So far, he seems to be strong, proven leader, who's statements so far on Iraq, the military (no matter how much change we want for blacks in this country, a strong, secure USA is pretty much a prerequisite), affirmative action, the deficit/taxes, and abortion so far appeal to me. He does have some learning to do re: campaigning (witness the controversy over his supposed "flip-flop" on Iraq a few days back), and he has to flesh out his policy on a lot of things. I look forward to hearing what he says tomorrow in an address he's supposed to be giving.

As far as I'm concerned, though, right now none of the other candidates strike me as able to really hone in on Bush's weaknesses. I'd vote for either one of them over GWB, but I'm putting a lot of hope on Clark being the real deal.