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Reply to "Civil Rights or The Holocaust:"

We've been here so long that for us to get up and leave would mean to leave all that we know, unfortunately. It takes guts to be an expatriate.
I just kinda feel like that's giving up. Not that I hold that against any one that does that. I would do the same but I have family considerations that might make that an undesirable option.

But... seeing the world as you put it may really be good for some of us.

EBONYROSE... made a post about Bush "fence-mending" mission. We need to do that and calculate, egos aside, what we all can do towards the advancement of our people even if we don't agree. We all need to understand each other, get all out in the open and decide whether we are all about what we say we are about.

I think Malcolm made the most unifying sense out of all our leaders in that era. Like he said... For FREEDOM ... a man would do anything.


We need to know for sure if we mean the same things when we say the same words.... That's all I'm saying. And I fear we don't.

You're right...
Like minded people MUST press on and we should not be dissuaded by those who don't agree.

The CRM didn't start with a mass of lock-step followers... It was a step out on FAITH!

Love...and Peace QUEEN!