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Reply to "Civil Rights or The Holocaust:"

I want to issue a challenge to my beloved brothers and sisters here. I will preface it with this sentiment:

I am just as passionate as everyone else and that passion may indeed spill over into some areas were I am intolerant of particular types of discourses... That's been true in the past and will probably remain so in the future.

More than anything... My ever-lasting love is for us, all of us, to be able to one day fill the void we have for the answers, the reality of progress for our people.

So if I disagree with you or take offense at something you may say then... Count it to my head and not my heart... for I would hope that it's in the same place yours is in.

That said here's my challenge:


We are all searching and need each others help but it must first start with ourselves. If you can't even approach an answer to the questions you ask then how do you suppose the rest of us are suppose to do the same?

Bottom line... We've got to work through this together.
I agree with you, Nmaginate, but again I must defer to my topic "What is our course of Action". -- Yssys
Okay... You tell me, WHAT'S OUR COURSE?
We do DIE for this country and always have. Why??...We must love it; we're all still here!!
What do you have to say in answer/response to your own words?

What we have accomplished to date, as a people, has occurred in steps with each person, each organization, each era making a contribution to those steps. We must resolve that we will make ours... whether that yields the ultimate "solution" or not we have to make our contribution either to make a step ourselves or enable those to follow to make the step for us.

We really already know the answers...
We have to just be clear on what exactly we want to achieve, leaving nothing to chance and nothing to interpretation. We have to spell it out...