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Reply to "Chronicles of Narnia"

Originally posted by Isome:

Okay... is it just me... didn't anyone else find the dark skinned villians being called the Calormenes a bit ...uhhhh suspicious?

That and the fact that none of them, except one, got into Aslan's country.

What about the name calling in the end... darkies... come on ... it's just me?!

The Narnians being described as fair-haired and pure... the Calormenes dark skinned and barbaric (with the exception noted above).

First time I read the books as a kid, it totally slipped past me..second time I read them as a teenager, I was like what the hell???? But I take into account, the storyteller, the era the books were written and the mindset of the time. So I do my best to overlook that and try to enjoy the overall theme of the stories.....but its hard as hell to do that now that I'm older.