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Reply to "Chemistry - Animal Magnetism - Heightened Sexuality"


Pump your breaks. *raises eyebrow*

I still stand by what I say.
Meaning, although I realize I was not part of or even an observer of the relationships you refer to ... simply, I trust in my instincts enough to say I don't agree with the self sabatoge being a result of the sexual and physical all you say you were giving them.

It really is more than a branch off of this discussion. I'm giving our seedling some water now. Trust, the topic will come up, and we can opine and exchange truths then. Or here.. if you wish. I welcome it.

You may know women, but so do I, Sugarpie.

Who pissed you off? Never mind, don't answer that! lol

side bar:

You know me better than that. Everyone jumps to conclusions and generalizes. Some just make a practice of it.
*indignance over*

back to topic
Ok, on the monogamy/celibacy tip...

I've been dabbling a tiny bit on human sexuality for my research, looking back first on my own notes from experience and observation.
Do you know something? I have found it quite interesting that those with a seeming heightened sexual awareness actually are the most common to remain celibate when not committed, as well as have no difficulty maintaining fidelity. Just sharing. Like I said, haven't dug too deep... the water is just starting to seep from the ground.


"When they finally realize it takes work they have 2 choices, stay in a destructive relationship or seek satisfaction elsewhere, often using the same standards that got you caught up in the first place."

Yes ... and that saddens me.

They are not learning anything, so they repeat mistakes. You'd think after hitting their heads against the brick wall so many times, they'd realize their brains are oozing to the pavement. lol

Do you think they feel more accepted? This generation yet to mature to adulthood troubles my soul. It matters more to them what MTV or reality TV says, than any common sense. They cannot hear their inner voice. Or they just don't listen.

Generally speaking, of course.

Goals, morals?
Stuck on startled is right. lol@ deer in headlights.