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Chemistry - Animal Magnetism - Heightened Sexuality

Pheromones may play a major part in our attraction to another, but there is so much more to the formula of chemistry. Physical attraction does not lead me to satisfaction. For my concoction to be pleasing to the palate, I need to add some simple measures of integrity and devotion before I down that potion.

Intelligence is what gets my attention after the Shallow Gal in me calms down long enough to look around, and then focus. I hear it a lot from others I mean, really, who wants to associate with someone who's not? Particularly if things are going to become serious. I must respect a man I am dealing with. It is just as important to me that he know his role as it is that I know mine. I've said it before, I'll say it again, if the words, "Man up!" cross my lips, I have already dismissed him as unsuitable. Doesn't matter how eminently sexable he is.

Is that what keeps people in purely sexual relationships? The pheromones? The physical attraction? Why are more and more women settling for sharing a man, for being friends with benefits, and damn R.Kelly for that song, Homie Lover Friend. lol! Seriously, though. Why are so many people settling, period?

I find it interesting that some will jump into a sexual relationship without getting to know the person well, or at all... and later on, become dissatisfied with the sexual part of the relationship. Uhm. Ok. Not getting to know a person means you don't know them, right? So should one or both parties have a waning of sexual desire for whatever reason, you're looking at possible chaos. Nothing to fall back on... excepting the next person you are drawn to. Animal magnetism, gotta love it. How can you keep those flames lit?

Compatibility is necessary, but I adore some contrasts. Keeps me on my toes. Of course I love being right, but it does get boring if I'm always agreed with. If you like everything I like, I'm not learning anything and I'm not showing anything new, either. Boooring!

Ok, back to talking about sex. I feel strongly that prudish should find frigid, and torrid should stick with hot. We all have our own preferences and needs, and we appreciate them being met, for the most part.

The highly sexual person is often misunderstood for promiscious, why is that? Is it that hard for many to wrap their mind around the fact that there are highly sexual people that also have self respect and control? face it, some seem to exude sex. The way they walk, talk, look... attracts men woman and children. Get your mind out of the gutter, I don't mean all of those mentioned WANT to sex them it just means they attract attention, no matter how soft spoken or innocuous they are in actuality.
Their whispers can come across loud and clear, you can't drag your eyes from certain body parts, their eyes say, come hither... ok, I think I've made my point. They're just sexy, yeah!

Does that mean it's ok to approach them for sex? Because they're sexy? Now, would that be original? How many times to you think they get approached that way?

If you're grown and sexy, please feel free to tell me how you feel about it all.

Meandering ramble over. *smile*
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