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Reply to "Changing the Guard in Black America"

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

Brotha Momentum wrote:  

There is no doubt about how strategic President Obama is and his keen management to become POTUS. Apparently one area of his stratagem is convincing the white power structure that as a Black Democratic President he would indeed serve the white power structure as previous Presidents did.


  Whatever it took to get in there.  Right?  King was off about 20 years when he said a black president will run the white house in 25 years.  The rock was cracking back then.   


And to use Hope and Change as a Black Presidential candidate was genius to get people out to vote for him because the conscious masses was indeed yearning and ready for Change, to at least challenge how this country is controlled by Wall Street, transnational corporations, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Military Industrial Complex and the oligarchy and plutocrats who own and run them.


Exactly my brotha.  Cuz the hope was at that time for us:  We hope to have a black president some day[to show that we as black people are just as capable just as worthy as whites].  And the change is... from the tradition WHITE male a new wave image:  A black president.  So both were achieved.  Cuz why?  Both happened.  Something the Native America couldn't do in their OWN land. And that's real.   


And I think it is premature for black people to assume that Obama can wipe away all the wrongdoings of massa....our history in this country shows it took 100 years after slavery to obtain citizenship and the ability to vote as a citizen.  To assume that Obama has the super ability or magical power to influence a 400 year white mindset to instanteously jump on the side of the former black slave?  Is far reaching.  As why it hasn't worked.  Racism, self-entitlement are learned behaviors-can't break down those doors in 6 years.  If so police bruality i.e. KKK wouldn't  be so rampant in disrespecting black life,  black people wouldn't be socially tormented by white folks in this day and age all while having a BLACK president in office.  


See those old-time racists are either dead or in old folks homes....but!  There is a NEW generation of racism passed down that is highly visible in media and government.  And we think one black president is gonna eliminate alladat?  I'm not buying it my brotha.   As why militarized police continues to assemble.   As why the wheels of equality continues to turn VERY slowly.  They say we have it.  But white behavior says we don't and NEVER will.  So the other thing about hope is...."look what we have done in the midst of the racial fire...."and the change is....."unstoppable.  Massa said we couldn't do it but we did.  Being free and having a black president."  And that is the SEED my brotha.  That is the SEED.  And what comes from there?  Is vision!!!!  Which will link prosperity.  Advancement.  And most importantly, cultural survival!  Cuz without both[hope and change] other blackfolks in lands afar....the people WILL perish.  But!        

Kocolicious, President OBAMA is a white man's SERVANT. That is important to see, that fact that he is black and by doing nothing regarding existing policies that works against black people. He supports and fortify the white power structure that hurts and harms blacks. And makes it seem that current policies appear moral and fair because it is a black President supporting them instead of working against them. He says one thing and then does another like any good racist Republican would. 


I refuse to gloss over the harm President Obama has done by not fighting hard for voting rights and fighting hard against the criminal justice system, he is now proposing free trade agreements (TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership) that will send more jobs out of the country and only make the Oligarchy richer and hurt blacks even more and create even a wider income and wealth disparity. More millionaires created and concentrated at the very tippy top but at the expense of common US Americans.


Yeah he is a black president but the WRONG black president. He is great for rich people, he does not fight for the common people, he does not go bare knuckles for common people and he ignores the plight of black people. All he has for black people are lectures...  He is not a leader, he is a SERVANT.

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