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Reply to "Changing the Guard in Black America"

Originally Posted by DennisKalita:
Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  You know what?  This is what I say to those who continually criticize my president!  Fock yall!  Haters!!!    Piss me off.  Cuz I know the real deal.  This black man has done something NO OTHER BLACK MAN HAS DONE.  That is play massa at his game. And won!  Hal. Lay, Lu. Yer.   Look over the shores my black friends.....not one black person have the kind of POWER  my president has at the moment.  See?  A lotta blackfolks still have that milky film over their eyes....thinking that the eradication of black folks STOPPED when Obama became president.  How naiive.  They missed the focking POINT!!!


And I'ma gonna repeat the point. Which is....the path of blacks from slavery to the white house [in this racist country] is unprecedented worldwide!  WORLDWIDE!!!  .  Regardless of the fact that many black folks don't get along....we got along long enough to put him in power-which should have been an awakening moment for us but it wasn't cuz why?  We were STILL killing each other in a country where the President is black.  How smart.  So for those naysayers to keep coming up with bullshyte about my president how about talking about the real things that are going in our country.  Hum?  


And please remove the white milky film from yall's eyes....cuz my president is not a magician, is not a messiah, he does not have the capacity to make it all go away, he doesn't have the ability in 6 years to undo 400 years of wrong doing including racism.  He's just a MAN.  And he doesn't have that unrealistic power.  Black folks think Obama can do what he wants in office. naiive.  This is the white man's position-being the president.  Has always been.  So how is ONE black man gonna come in and take over in 6 years?  He can't.  Hell in 6 years, that's kindergarten status.  So how will he be able to be in full control of everything in 6 years when massa has been doing it for 400 years?  Doesn't make ANY common sense.....but!  That's all black naysayers talk about.  Aint listening cuz one I know it takes more than one drop of water to crack a rock.  He's one drop of water to massa's big giant rock.  And I also know black folks been watching too many unrealistic hero movies to think he would able to accomplish long range goals in six years that took civil rights advocates 100 years to achieve after slavery.  Naiive!   As why these SAME BLACK FOLKS can watch blacks kill each other and do nothing but the minute the klan police kill one of us...then it's a riot.  I still can't wrap my head around that logic.


Yes, my president is a hero....not for being the master slave for the country....for blacks and whites but!  For showing HUMANS beings how to get it done right.  To show massa that blacks can do the SAME exact thang as whites....even become the President of the United States.  And I don't know about yall...I mean while observing the horrific genocide of black people on the other side of the world....but!  My president is the TOP model for excellence and represents what a person can do when his/her mind is set on progress,  And for our kids?  That's huge.  All this other yak yak stuff of the so-called black watch dogs?  Is nothing more than PURE milky film BULLSHYTE and mind sabotage,  But!  

Yeah, I've said the same. If you study how he managed to become the POTUS, forgetting for a moment your opinions on his views, anything you can pick up is going to be empowering! POTUS SHOWED US HOW TO IT! His how to get power example should be studied IN DEPTH because he CONQUERED like no on else! 

There is no doubt about how strategic President Obama is and his keen management to become POTUS. Apparently one area of his stratagem is convincing the white power structure that as a Black Democratic President he would indeed serve the white power structure as previous Presidents did. 


And to use Hope and Change as a Black Presidential candidate was genius to get people out to vote for him because the conscious masses was indeed yearning and ready for Change, to at least challenge how this country is controlled by Wall Street, transnational corporations, the Prison Industrial Complex, the Military Industrial Complex and the oligarchy and plutocrats who own and run them.


This country is poised more than anytime in its history to be bought out with the pocket change of oligarchs, a few 100 billionaire, imperialist criminals of the ultra conservative and white supremacist persuasion. Perhaps in just a few years Oligarchy will be so entrenched the only thing that could portend Hope and Change is Massive Social Resistance or total collapse of the economic system that will SHOCK ordinary citizens into awareness and action toward establishing a government that actually serves all people and do better in living up to the mantras and axioms enshrouded in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

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