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Ignorance avoids consciousness among humans. This is sinful action. Hang in. 


Michael, if Jesus Christ came to earth and announced that you, Michael Lofton, were to be his exclusive spokesman on  Earth, I’d be surprised. BUT the Lord did not do that, right?  You are not the Father/Son. Of course.  You are a man like other men. IF you are a Christian in the truest sense only- not tied to any brand-name church – then you know that you are a sinner at the same time that you are unconditionally loved by the Almighty. As a sinner you know that you must be onogoing on guard against pride and arrogance – the flip-side of ignorance. A wise man knows that he is a sinner, that he is deeply ignorant. Humility is based on a sense of unconditional love from the Almighty -  plus the factual awareness of one’s own abysmal ignorance. Bear with me, sir. We all have the capacity to say, Fuck you. That IS sin. I can do it well too. It is not, however,  constructive. It is politically obsolete in terms of gathering unified power with others. Agree?


No one is above or below. You have something to share with others! I get it. And get this too – you are not superior to others – you have something to share – notwithstanding -  the unanimous majority here – please ask around if you doubt it – ALSO see a coon side to you. Is reality . . . . acceptable!   Listen. Ignorance - by design - avoids consciousness. 


When you or I get strong unanimous feedback from a diverse number of people of mostly  good will – you - as a sinner – one who acknowledges that he is to some degree unconscious - want to pay at least some honest attention to that TOO. Listen. Self knowledge cuts deep. Brother, you don’t know where I’ve been but I hope you can see that you're being reached out to.


We have to come to this

way of relating. Let’s rise.



“Today I watched capitalism walk on water. And people play dead.

So that they could be part of a miracle.” ~ Tongo Eisen-Martin


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