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Reply to "CF ... Be a dear and please explain ..."

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:

If I have to receive knive cuts in the processes of aggitating you...

Who the hell do you think you are? Some self-appointed martyr to the conservative cause with all the answers? Here's a news flash for you, CF. They don't need you and they don't want you. If you show-up, they'll ask you to use the service elevator.

I've been away for awhile and I ran headlong into your new avatar before I found this discussion.

At first sight, I thought it was a photo used in your post. It took several seconds to realize that it was your avatar.

The image is appalling and offensive, as appalling and offensive as your utilitarian compassion and mindless justification for its use.

Your sudden and convenient concern for the suffering in the world is touching, and I'm sure sincere. This from someone who defends the forty-year embargo of Cuba, the use of capital punishment, and dismisses the suffering in NO as a small concern.

The use of this image also illustrates your stupidity. The impact of the picture diminishes anything you have to say, as the reader's eyes are drawn to the image.

Add hypocrisy to the list of descriptive words used here to describe your character, or lack of. Black Viking worded it more succinctly.