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Reply to "CF ... Be a dear and please explain ..."

Originally posted by Vox:
That picture was huge back in the day, during one of the big famines in east Africa back in he 80s or early 90s, either in the Sudan or Somalia, but not in Ethiopia. The story behind the photo is more tragic: this little girl , CF (shows how much of a damn YOU give!) was heading toward relief when she gave out. I don't remember whether the photographer helped her or not (my bet is not), or what happened to her parents. But it was a photo that generated a lot of response back then... for some reason, I remember it as a moving picture. I think the publication I saw it in must have published a sequence of photos showing her walking and then gradually giving out. Or maybe it was just so disturbing, I just remember it wrongly as such...

But I think that anybody who uses it to compare with someone else's misfortune, or make any kind of political statement, is morally bankrupt and totally devoid of any thread of character or human dignity. That was somebody's baby. She had a name, and would be a teenager right now if she didn't die. But for all we know, she died, and her corpse was eaten by a vulture.

Apparently, a new vulture is now picking at her memory, degrading and debasing her even further. I've intentionally ignored this avatar since you put it up, CF. Lucky for you, you don't care what people think about you...

Vox, thanks for the background concerning this picture, it really touched me. I do agree with you, anyone that uses this photo to make a political statement,etc. takes the focus or interest away from HER...........and no matter what, its wrong.

CF, youre a grown man, you really should know better. We all care for everyone suffering.......everyones life, no matter whom, is precious. Lost of life, is never easy for anyone, anywhere.

I really dont read your posts/threads, because im not really into politics. You are, and thats cool........but politics, like everything else, has its place.

Lets not take our focus away from this baby, in the picture. Frown