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Reply to "CF ... Be a dear and please explain ..."

But it was a photo that generated a lot of response back then, and I think that anybody who uses it to compare with someone else's misfortune, or make any kind of political statement, is morally bankrupt and totally devoid of any thread of character or human dignity.[quote]

Vox - You live off of COMPARISONS on a daily basis. It is your reference to these GAPS that exist in America that keeps you going.

To you misery is not "relative" until it is one of YOUR "relatives" that is suffering.

Somehow your human compassion only extends to the man made border of America - a land that you will quickly say was STOLEN and the founding based upon ungodly acts. How you have assimilated.

I stand by my claim. You have nothing to stand on.

I've intentionally ignored this avatar since you put it up, CF. Lucky for you, you don't care what people think about you...

Great. I return the favor of ignoring YOU on a constant basis. Now we are even.