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Reply to "CF ... Be a dear and please explain ..."

Originally posted by MBM:

Tell that to the families of the 1,327 people who lost their lives.


I have DETAILED to you the great suffering that is taking place as a result of the Tsunami in Indonesia and the Earthquake in Pakistan.

While you, being American-centric in your concerns can only talk able the grieving Americans who did lose around 1,000 individuals in their natural disaster with the rest of the evacuees being put up in hotels, houses and trailers at government expense..........
the little boy in the photo has no such protection. The people in Pakistan are going to see a significant increase in deaths due to exposure in the winter-time. A canvas tent is no match for the sub-zero temperatures of the mountain regions of Pakistan. Maybe Osama Bin Ladin is close by to offer assistance. The people in Indonesia, more than a year after their natural disaster still have not found permanent housing or a return to normalcy. The have no government that can AFFORD to debate wheter their houses should be rebuilt by first spending billions of dollars on bariers to the powerful water. They live by hand to mouth. "It is what it is".

I maintain that on a relative basis few people in America, regardless of their individual situation have as much to bear as people who live in impoverished countries that lack the infrastructure to provide for their basic needs.

Despite the rhetoric - CAPITALISM did not cause this. The lack of a market that matches needs with production is the issue.