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Reply to "CF ... Be a dear and please explain ..."

I actually "stole it" from another chat board. A particular member was making use of it as Noah the African could tell you.

I first saw the picture and was touched by the POWER and the SYMBOLISM of it.

It is a picture of (I assume) an innocent African child who is hungry and unprotected.

The vulture in the background doesn't care about his race, global politics or any violation of the human rights of this child.

To the hungry vulture this HUMAN is nothing but a PIECE OF MEAT that might fill his stomach if the child is not rescued by someone who is able to provide a defense against this predator.

In the back of my mind I think that the AFRICAN-AMERICAN who was stolen away in the past is the only one who can provide for a functional defense for this little boy and millions like him who still live in Africa.

The vulture represents DEATH
The little boy represents the FUTURE of our people
The act of the vulture devouring little boy for death's own desire to survive is self explanitory.

We as African-Americans are so abstracted from their condition that it is unlikely that we will render aid in any meaningful way.

I chose this picture because it touched me deeply.
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