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Reply to "Catholic U. Won't Recognize NAACP Chapter"

The university rejected a student's attempt to start a chapter in April on the ground that the campus already had two groups that represent black students: the Black Organization of Students at Catholic University of America and Minority Voices, an umbrella group for minority organizations.

The Black Organization of Students certainly sounds like an organization that would be of interest to black students. The unbrella group, Minority Voices, also sounds like a student group that might be of interest to black, latino, and asian students, amoung others.

I find it rather astounding that the university could only point to two student organizations, though, so I went to their website, in search of a list of student organizations. There is a link to such a list on the page

but the link

does not work, unfortunately.

So I went to a similar list at my own university, Iowa State University:

While compiling a sublist of those organizations which might be of interest to black students is difficult (indeed, they all might), here are a sample of some student organizations here at ISU that I would expect to have black students as members, based solely on the name (and in some cases, the description) of the student organizations.

African Students Association
Black Graduate Student Association
Black Student Alliance
Black Student Org Conference
Brazilian-Portuguese Association
In Living Color
Kenya Students Association
National Society of Black Engineers
Nigerian Students Union
Organization of Latino Students
Reflejos Latinos
South Sudanese Student Assn
Students Advocating Multicultural Issues

Note that there is no student chapter of the NAACP here, but I would find it difficult to believe that students who wished to start one would be faced with the task of overcoming objections reguarding overlap.