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Reply to "Casual Thoughts"

I know you didn't post this asking for a response, msprettygirl, but you know me. Wink

I agree, it's hard to say 'soft' when shit happens, especially serial-shit. However I don't think you could become a cynical and bitter person even if you tried. Smile

Maybe you're at a low point and need a big whallop of energy and hugs. hug kiss hug

If you're feeling invisible, you need to go buy a knock-dead look-at-me outfit (without busting your wage), and go out with girlfriends looking fabulous.

Now you're probably thinking that all sounds superficial... and in a way it is... but sometimes when energy is low, and 'you're' feeling low, the soul needs some nourishment, and whatever it takes.

I've 'been there' this week, mainly coz I've been overworking and felt totally physically fatigued, which plays havoc with my normally charming and wonderful persona! Big Grin Suddenly vague disappointments about things not going right or not having a Mr Right grow into ugly monsters that crowd your mind and make you miserable Frown or Mad

msprettygirl, make sure you're looking after your health, getting out and about, taking time to unwind and feed your soul, and loving and nurturing yourself.
When the soul feels starved, everything suffers. I took a day off, wandered about an art gallery, treated myself to a nice lunch and a glass of wine and went home and slept! I just needed a day to relax and a day to treat me. It helped. I still have things to do deal with and people I'd like to strangle, but it helped me get my 'balance' back and face things with more energy. Smile

A big HUG!! I hope this helps.