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Hey Vox.. thanks for asking... I always love talking about my passions...

La Femme Nikita is in syndication now. It was on for 4 seasons on the USA Network, then cancelled with an ending we all hated (okay me, cause they made it seem like Nikita never loved Michael, which was bull)... then somehow we made them come back and do 8 more episodes for a final 5th season. Now it comes on real late or early. I have a lot of it taped, and I have been waiting for something to come out on DVD.

Here is the official website that has a synopsis of all of the episodes for all 5 seasons. La Femme Nikita Website

It was based on the french movie La Femme Nikita, but there was an American version with Bridget Fonda that I liked better. It was also the movie that introduced me to Nina Simone's music.

Anyway, its all spy/intelligence/terrorist stuff. But the neat thing about this was that they got the job done by any means necessary, forget any rules, which was part of the problem for the heroine. Then there was, as there must always be, the forbidden/non practical underlying love story. It was subtle and deep and loyal but at the same time you had a job to do that came first and it was always life or death. The passion, hate, love, betrayal, friendship bonds, etc... everything was just so intense.

It was a great show... and so far... Alias (ABC, Sunday nights) is looking to be almost as good... except that they have to play by rules because its the CIA.

Here is the website summary of the show:

She's young. She's gorgeous. And she's deadly --
sentenced to a chilling existence in a ruthless, clandestine world where beauty and danger collide at every dark turn. Wrongly accused of murdering a cop and headed for lethal injection, Nikita is instead forced into a new life as an elite operative for a top-secret, technology-laden government organization called Section One. Under the tutelage of the mysterious Michael, who later becomes her lover, Nikita transforms into a highly trained agent dedicated to fighting global terrorism by any means necessary -- legal or otherwise.

Nikita's life as she once knew it is gone forever. Now she must rely on her fierce instincts and killer looks to achieve the covert and death-defying objectives of a monolithic establishment that is all too willing to eliminate her should her conscience get in the way. Always supremely confident, spirited and courageous, Nikita continually finds herself entrenched in murky situations where her compassion and generosity of spirit come into direct conflict with her work. She may not always make the right choice, but she never allows her sense of self to be taken away.

In her role as a deadly operative, Nikita is the perfect weapon. Her wits and ingenuity keep her alive in a pressure-cooker environment where a single mistake can mean death. There is no end in sight to the pulse-pounding predicaments and gut-wrenching moral wars she must wage each and every day. Yet even while surrounded by violence and irredeemable evil, Nikita maintains a spark of humanity and optimism. It's her most vital weapon -- and the best hope for the future of all that is good in the world.

La Femme Nkechi
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