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Reply to "Can You Handle the Truth?"

"Bankins cannot be here tonight to tell you lies, so I take his place!"

posted by EbonyRose...
How many civilians (especially women and children) did Clinton's bombing of Iraq hurt/maime/kill?

Hey EbonyRose, you try to take my job from me?

"You are right, EbonyRose. You make good Iraqi spokesperson. Let's ignor the thousands of Iraqi people we kill for cheering Coalition Forces, force to take suicide drives into Coalition checkpoints, fleeing the country, used as human shields, and refusing to fight alongside Iraqi soldiers. We even arm young children to fight the Infidels, and jail the children who refuse!!"

"Let's forget about two decades of millions of Iraqis slaughtered like cattle on a daily basis, and focus on the unfortunate Iraqis killed by Coalition Forces."

"Of course, Clinton never kill innocents with bombs (except that Sudanese pill factory) because the bombs he used are Democrat bombs. Only Republican bombs kill innocents."

"EbonyRose, you really told off Bankins with your last post! You know more about today's politics from watching B.E.T. than Bankins ever will."

"Do not believe Bankins. Listen only to me!"

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