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Reply to "Can You Handle the Truth?"

So much to comment on...So little time....

Negrospiritual; "Can you handle divergent opinion?"

As the only black Conservative (and a Reagan Conservative at that) currently on this site, that question is easily answered. Divergent opinions are fine, its losing philosophies I have a problem with.

It is traditional American ideals based on freedom and liberty for all that sets us apart from lesser countries. The notion that we should adopt the ways of "old Europe" will only bring this country down. It is they who should emulate us!!

EbonyRose; "In all fairness, I read the entire article linked in this post ... although I found myself laughing through the bulk of it! If the author were to butter Bush down anymore, he's be able to slide him through a Cheerio!!"

Talk about laughing, its amazing how someone can ignor the obvious. Yes, raise the bar when it comes to a Republican president and demand video tape of Saddam and bin Laden swapping spit, while at the same time forgetting it was Clinton who coined the phrase "regime change", in 1998.

Do you really think had Al Gore been elected this war would not take place?? Read Junebugs post on what Clinton said in 1998!!

As for the author of my link,
Mansoor Ijaz , if you read his bio, you will see one impressive resume from this young man who served the Clinton Administration at some point.

Vox; "The linkages were paper thin, and that's why I didn't believe that Bush was telling us right. There was a time when I was on the fence about the war, but Bush's information started sounding more and more false, and that's why I'm opposed to the war."

Of all the posters on this forum, this is shocking comming from you at this stage of the game. With all the info right at your fingertips, the revelations of Eason Jordan published in the New York Times.....

Whatever happened to your famous objectivity?? Fine if your are against this war, but I think your disdain for Bush is coloring your judgement. My friend, I would ask you to perhaps look at what is unfolding before your eyes in Iraq, and please tell me what else was Bush to do? This time, I suggest you set your biases aside. A friendly suggestion, of course.

As for the Arab extremist that hate him, you know full well they hate the USA more, and fear the spread of Democracy even more.

Easy; "I'm sorry to break it to ya, but your emperor has no clothes."

Actually Ease, my emperor can keep his clothes on while in the White House, unlike a certain impeached ex-pres who bombed Iraq and the Sudan without UN approval and said all the things in 1998 Bush is saying now.

Now I hate to pour "sugar" in your engine, but there really is a connection to Iraq and Al Qaeda!

"Do not believe Bankins. Listen only to me!"