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Reply to "Can You Handle the Truth?"

I don't have Lea's tactful abilities, but I'll give it a shot.....


"..With weak arguments, and the appearance of all sorts of connections to Big Oil, how could you expect Americans to not be skeptical? Should we all just accept on faith what Bush is telling us? Did you do that for Clinton?.."

This is a "interesting" response. With regard to Clinton, he has this one little minor problem of not telling the truth about anything. I don't believe I need to rehash all the underhanded schemes this man has participated in, some of which has lead to his impeachment in the House.

By contrast, President Bush has yet to even tell a white lie. Agree or disagree with his policies, the majority of Americans find him trustworthy. I don't see Bush being booed the way Clinton recently was.

As for weak arguments, what weak arguments? Bush has been right about Iraq since day one, and the salman Pak revelations nails the Al-Qaeda connection quite nicely.

And yes, there is a oil connection. It's with France and Russia who hold lucrative contracts with this brutal regime. Last year, the USA imported about 2% of total OPEC oil from Iraq. The majority of our oil comes from Saudi Arabia and Venesuela. Don't take my word for it, check it out yourselves.

As for why Iraq and not others, after decisive victories in Afghanistan and now Iraq, it is clear this country means business when it comes to eradicating terrorists strongholds. Looks like Syria or Iran may be next. Now North Korea al of a sudden wants multilateral talks.

Many of you have this grand Utopian view of the world that's not based in reality. You condemn the very country that grants you the right of dissent, something Iraqis do not have. To allow Saddam to harbor, train, and arm terrorists who want us dead is not an option in my opinion. I do not want another 9/11 to occur, only to have all of you say "Bush knew about this and did nothing."

Don't worry, I'll get to the rest of you....

"Do not believe Bankins. Listen only to me!"