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Reply to "Can You Handle the Truth?"

Glad to see B Bankins hasn't left. I thought I read a post where you said you weren't coming back. Like somebody said, your POV is needed here.

Even though I disagree with it!! Razz

This war, to me, was supposed to be about the threat Iraq posed to the United States. No other consideration mattered. There are lots of people suffering under despotism, and the US does not and never should fight a war to liberate a people. We have historically been allies with repressive regimes -- including Saudi -- and even though few can match Saddam's brutality, there are many who are brutal beyond the tolerance level of decent people. But we've left them alone, and we'll continue to do so.

So the ONLY justification for this war was the idea that Iraq was a threat to the US.

Saddam. The most monitored country in the world.

The guy who couldn't fly his planes over 2/3 of his own country.

The guy who's so hated that even most Islamic extremists hate him.

The linkages were paper thin, and that's why I didn't believe that Bush was telling us right. There was a time when I was on the fence about the war, but Bush's information started sounding more and more false, and that's why I'm opposed to the war.

Let's find 1) chemical weapons and 2) evidence that they were planning on being used against us in the very near future. Then I'll change my mind.

I'm happy for those who are happy to be free, and I'm proud to see how easily we swept through the country (as if there was ever any logical doubt). But our troops are not the world's policemen, and they shouldn't be used in wars with little justification.

And I don't believe it's about corporate access to oil, mainly because there are easier ways to get it. We could have normalized relations with Iraq like we did when he was at war with Iran. We could have given the $$$ used for the war to the same companies as corporate welfare. We didn't need to invade Iraq to get the oil. But whatever the real reasons for the war, the stated reasons are insufficiant for me to support it.