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Reply to "Can You Handle the Truth?"

In all fairness, I read the entire article linked in this post ... although I found myself laughing through the bulk of it! If the author were to butter Bush down anymore, he's be able to slide him through a Cheerio!! Eek

However, after re-reading it for the evidence that "The evidence of Saddam's maniacal plans becomes clearer by the hour..." what I notice was that there were still a couple of important if's and but's in that evidence:

Weapons-grade plutonium.... "If it is confirmed that weapons-grade plutonium exists..."

Biological weapons.... "Rick Leventhal, downloaded incredible video of what may be the first of Saddam's bioweapons labs on wheels."

Seems to me these were questions that were asked, and, it seems, are still unanswered, since before the first shot was fired. The best way to quiet a naysayer is with uncompromised proof! I will wait until I get it.

As far as the other evidence, while it definitely does confirm the existance of a connection between Sadaam and terrorist activity, I'm not sure I've every heard anybody emphatically declare that there wasn't any. And it mystifies me how the flag-waving, pro-war enthusists always have to try to prove their points with such absolutes!! Nobody doubted Sadaam was a bad man ... some of us just asked the Prez to prove it!! And of something so obvious, it should not have been so burdenous.

Terrorists reside in every corner of this earth. Their network and connections are enough to rival Ma Bell. A "paperwork trail" linking Iraq to terrorism is a great find! But truly pales in comparison to a money trail or a training trail or a breeding trail or a harboring trail or any kind of direct evidence that Sadaam masterminded and produced any acts of terror against us.

I wonder what would happen if we invaded Saudi Arabia in the same manner we invaded Iraq, what "evidence" of terror-aiding and links to al-Qaeda we would find there? At least Bush could start with a leg-up on the proof department ... most of the hijackers were Saudi nationals!! Eek

Can I handle the truth? Yeah. The question is, can I get a little bit of it?? Roll Eyes