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Reply to "Can You Handle the Truth?"

America was "sold" on this war based upon two points.

1) Iraq was an imminent threat to the United States.

2) Iraq was responsible for 9/11.

If the administration could have developed strong arguments about these points the entire world community, much less all of America, would have been enthusiastically behind them. They couldn't, so we find ourselves in the political predicament that we are in today.

With weak arguments, and the appearance of all sorts of connections to Big Oil, how could you expect Americans to not be skeptical? Should we all just accept on faith what Bush is telling us? Did you do that for Clinton?

Yesterday it was reported that the only Iraqi government office that was protected from looting was the office governing the oil trade. Is that a mere coincidence?

Also, if this was really about liberating the Iraqi people, why them? Why didn't we liberate the South African people when they were struggling under apartheid? Why don't we liberate the people in the Congo and Sudan? Why is it seemingly more important that Democracy and freedom find themselves in some parts of the world and not others?

Now is the time to make real the promises of Democracy.