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Reply to "calling all fASHIONista men!!"

Alright, check it out:

Brown phat farm sweater; brown Kangol hat ("leaning the brim" is optional); phat farm or standard white button-up shirt worn underneath the sweater; Regular Blue denim polo jeans (not too tight , not too baggy); and brown shoes work best, but wheat-colored low-top shoes works ok, too (they look like low top construction boots).

Or how about this:

Brown Dekko skully-cap (that's a low-cost cashmere skully but very stylish). When you put the cap on make sure the label is a little off to the side - like over your left eye. It me.

Cream-Colored Mecca zip-up sweater (with brown Mecca logo in the left chest area).

Underneath the sweater: White tank-top (Hanes or Fruit of the Loom).

Pants: This is critical-DEEP DARK BLUE denim jeans (relaxed or baggy).

Shoes: You guessed it: Payless wheat-colored low-cut shoes (shit they go with damn near everything)- you could go with black shoes, but make sure they're not too shiny, though.

When I put all this together, I unzipped the sweater all the way down mid-chest (exposing the tank-top); pulled-up the sleeves- giving you a more masculine look- I wore this ensemble to my sister's X-mas party (plus I had a 5 o'clock shadow). I looked so good even I wanted to fuck me!

It's cold in the NYC...winter is a bitch, shit but that's no reason to cramp my style!