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Reply to "[BUT SHE TOLD THE TRUTH] French Minister Back-Pedals After Comparing Muslim Veils to ‘American Negroes Who Were in Favor of Slavery’"

GoodMan posted:

This is nothing but the continued war on Islam and Muslim men.

The whole purpose of the veil is to prevent men from sexualizing women. And men are also supposed to be covered from head to toe and most often are in hardcore Islamic countries. As a man you can't show your ankles and etc. 

What European nations such as France are trying to do is assimilate Muslims. Muslims don't care to be assimilated. Matter of fact, Muslims hate the West. Matter of fact, Muslims are just in the West to make use of its resources.

And what easier to way force assimilate down the throats than through women.

"Oh Islam suppresses the woman !"

"Oh look the women are covered !"

"Oh look at the lack of expression !"

And it's so funny because the same think tanks and groups that work this Psy  Op on Muslims are the same ones that be trying to point out the "sexism" in the sexualized representation of a woman in the West.

"Oh the woman is being objectified!"

"Oh the woman is not sex thing of men!"

And if the women are moderate or conservative..they complain the woman isn't sexualized enough.

"Oh the woman is a sexual creature just like men !"

"Oh the woman deserves to be sexually free !"

Point is, this is all bullshit. Anything that comes out of the mouths of these female politician, feminist groups and think tanks is not based on anything but the desire to control a population through manipulation of women...since men aren't really suspectable to this kind of thinking.

If a man has sex, food, shelter and clothing, he ain't gonna turn his back on his people. Men are tribal warriors. We are dumb. We'll go run head first into danger for our tribes. 

If you wanna get men to do something, you gotta give us wealth, power and status. You can't give every man wealth, power, and this strategy for controlling and manipulating a population isn't as effective.

But you can tell a woman she is being manipulated and taken advantage of by her mate in some kind of capacity and if you say it enough, she'll turn on her mate and her people...for free. And you can get a bunch of women to do this...for free.

A woman will always want more and more and more. A woman will always be curious. A woman is always at risk of being tempted by something greater than herself and her people and her mate. It's in female nature. It's how women mate. 

The Garden of Eden explicitly states how a perfection situation will be ruined by a woman's desire for power and curiosity. The serpent didn't go ask Adam if he wanted to be like a god, he asked Eve. And then Eve got Adam to go along with it because Adam was like "Fuck, you already bit the Apple."

If you wanna have a strong society, nation and gotta keep your women in check and content because if not, some White lady will tell her 500 different ways she is being "oppressed"  by her man and your woman will most likely (it's not hard at all) believe her and bye bye goes your social, political and economic power. 

It happens to every single race of people, from Black to Asian. 

The power of the Western White Race is that alluring to women of other races, if she can't get it through her man, she'll get it through the White woman and her man. 

Before you join the patriarchs in the Taliban, check this great movie about what goes in with young women in Afghanistan: