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Reply to "Bush Selects Alito for Supreme Court"

We can't let this important issue die.
Why is the word about Alito's extremism not reaching a broader audience? Is it too academic? Here is an example that less academic types may appreciate:

In the strange case of Kenneth Pirolli v. World Flavors, Inc., the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission intervened on behalf of Pirolli, a retarded man who complained of his workplace and presented "evidence that another one of Pirolli's co-workers, Harley Strauss, 'attempted to push a broom pole into (Pirolli's) behind as other staff watched." .

What was Alito's reaction? "Pirolli's brief never asserts that his work environment was one that a reasonable, non-retarded person would find hostile or abusive." .

Since Sam Alito was confirmed as a judge, he has come out as an out-of-the-mainstream radical. Since 1990, extremist Alito has

(1) broke his vow to Congress made during his 1990 confirmation hearing to disqualify himself from cases involving Vanguard (which he owned nearly a million in) when he failed to disqualify himself in violation of judicial ethics rules and, instead, decided a case in favor of Vanguard despite his prior admission in writing to Congress that he had a conflict of interest (which he did not disclose to the parties);

(2) ignored 70 years of Supreme Court precedents about the scope of congressional authority in order to try to re-write the laws regulating submachine gun sales and the Family Medical Leave Act;

(3) ignored 40 years of Supreme Court precedents about reproductive privacy and freedom in order to try to install the government as the policeman of your bedroom;

(4) repeatedly excused outrageous corporate misconduct from the legal penalties for racial and gender discrimination;

(5) revealed his 1985 Regan administration job application where Alito disclosed his politically motivated opposition to 40 years of Supreme Court precedents guaranteeing equal protection at the ballot box to protect the one-man-one-vote constitutional principle and admitted having adopted this activist agenda at least five years before he was appointed to the court of appeals (so he can no longer plausibly deny that his personal views have not corrupted his pattern of result-oriented judicial decisions).

Here are the details of several reasons why Alito is unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court ... more