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Reply to "Bush Planned to Bomb Media Outlet"

"Is it just me, or is Mikey becoming more and more unhinged by the day? " by Empty Purnata

Must be you, and the Black community who are beyond unhinged, a strong example of what not to do, a very poor example of what it means to be a success, etc., more so than any Michael Lofton, any conservative, President Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Larry Elder, and/or the Bush Administration!

The Black community...

vs. President George Bush and/or the Bush Administration!

...again Isome, Kevin41, or otherwise meet a criminal, and criminal meet Isome, Kevin41, and/or otherwise. I'm willing to bet everything I own, that Paul Richards will never be recognized as being a licenced practicing attorney, and/or elected representative again. You reap what you sow. If you expect to be recognized as an elected official, an attorney, preacher, teacher, university professor, and/or otherwise, you must act like one, on and off the clock. Criminal and/or unethical activity can work to your detriment whether the activity takes place during working hours, and/or during your private life.

"M. Lofton, like his momma, talks too much and has to be told to shut da' hell up! And, he won't help her pay the $5k she owes for her crimes. Pay her M. Lofton, help yo' momma!!" by Isome....

......In contrast, I'm willing to bet, Cresia Darcel Green-Davis, 52, guilty on all 14 counts, will definitely pay for her crimes, as opposed to the erroneous information as presented by Isome to infer that my Mom has in any regard proven or known to be criminal. What gives Isome the right to make a statement that the Courts have yet to establish, publish, document, prove, or otherwise where my Mom is a criminal? Liars will say anything. which the court system itself has yet to establish, prove, publish, document and/or otherwise anything legitimate to brand my Dad, Mom, or any other of my immediate family members as being that criminal, felon, etc.

....Mind you, my Dad and Mom have both run for political office, namely because of the void of competent leadership that truly exists within the Black community.

It would be virtually impossible for anyone with any prior criminal history to on one hand be criminal, and/or the other hand run for political office. If nothing else your political opponents would use the slightest skeleton in any proven criminal, immoral, unethical activity, and/or other valid information against any candidate who seeks to hold elected office, to increase their chances of winning the election.

Illegal immigrants, criminals, felons, etc., have a much better chance of running for elected office in a New Orleans, and/or the State of Louisiana, which has a history of corrupt activity, than any Los Angeles County, and/or the State of California, where illegal campaigning activity, accepting bribes, etc., can result in criminal indictment.

It doesn't take much to discredit liars, and losers, because the individuals as mentioned have shown themselves to be liars and/or losers.

Whether or not, I'm an electrician or otherwise would have nothing to do with the fact that it is very evident who's truly being truthful! Any university professor who is also a habitual liar, and/or who chooses to use baseless or unfounded information as being informative is definitely not worth the honor attributed to what it means to be a teacher, be it on the preschool level, grade school level, high school level, and/or through any school of higher education!
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