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Reply to "Bush Planned to Bomb Media Outlet"

...I see these individuals are still at it, meaning trying to discredit President George Bush, while the Black community goes down for the count, behind following foolishness!

This just in:

M. Lofton, like his momma, talks too much and has to be told to shut da' hell up! And, he won't help her pay the $5k she owes for her crimes. Pay her M. Lofton, help yo' momma!!

by Isome

Honor your father and your mother! How true, and the words and actions of an Isome or otherwise are rendered meaningless!

"Honor your father and your mother..." - This commandment is a development when compared to other laws of the Ancient East (for example, the Code of Hammurabi) that do not call for equal respect of the father and the mother."

Something must definitely be amiss with Black people, if the actions of an Isome are typical, a statement that would not only be disrespectful to my Mom, in the event that such a statement ever came out of my mouth, the statement as authored by Isome would also be a bold face lie!

This just adds to the arsenal of material that will be circulated to quash falsehoods, falsehoods that originate from Black people! Thank you Isome, for making my case stronger!

Can't be a winner if you accept, or hold as being valid the lies of losers, or individuals who accept the lies of losers as being factual. This being said......
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