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Bush Planned to Bomb Media Outlet

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Bush plotted to bomb Arab TV station Al Jazeera in friendly Qatar but was stopped by Tony Blair, who warned it would create more problems than they could handle.

A memo, No. 10, stamped "Top Secret" records the threat by Chimpy to use "military action" against al-Jazeera, which was accused by the US of fuelling the Iraq insurgency and denounced as "Osama bin Laden's mouthpiece."

The same media outlet had been hit by U.S. bombs in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Those instances were described as accidents / collateral damage.

But, were they?

Though the White House characterized the story as "outlandish", the British government has charged a civilian who leaked the contents of the memo under Britian's Official Secrets Act.

The confluence of events, and the cumulative effect of the responses to the leaked memo, creates the impression that there is absolute truth to the story, despite what this administration would have the public believe.

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