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Reply to "Bush Admits Faulty Iraq Intel"

Originally posted by MBM:

"My decision to remove Saddam Hussein was the right decision. Saddam was a threat and the American people and the world is better off because he is no longer in power," the president said.

Here was a man who, despite military help from the US, the former Soviet Union, Europe, and most Arab States, could not defeat the peasant army of Iran in eight years of fighting. In fact, just prior to the cease-fire of 1988 that ended the Persian Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was in danger of losing Basra to Iranian forces.

Now, keep in mind this was post-revolutionary Iran. Saddam was fighting a country whose military, especially it's officer corps, that had been decimated by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Also, keep in mind that Saddam had all of the latest conventional military hardware supplied by the US, et al., and had access to most Western intelligence information.

Iran, on the other hand, literally sent men to fight with stick and stones. This was because Iran's Army and Air Force were the remnants of what the US had supplied the Shah before Khomeini gave him his walking-papers.

And because the Shah was our guy in Tehran (mass-murderer, corporate ally, etc., etc.), the State Department took a dim view of these happenings. The US refused to supply new or spare parts to Iran's American equipped Army and Air Force, leaving both practically non-functional - not exactly in top fighting form.

So, despite all of these military and logistical advantages, Saddam in eight years of fighting, could not win the Persian Gulf War against Iran.

But this was a man who was going to conquer the world? Wha... WHAT? This was the man who was a national security threat to the US? HUH?