Reply to "Brotha of the Week: Byron Allen"

Regular Black folks need to just understand...that


No Black person with wealth and power is Black until they need to be. Any other time, they are just American and proud patriots. Grateful for the opportunities they have received. 

As long as our interest align...then we should just stfu about the lack of support 98% of the time, cause we ain't gonna get it. 

Muhammad Ali and Paul Robeson and Lena Horne were Black people in a revolutionary time, those type of Black people will never be produced again. 



And why Black people care about fucking image so damn much.. 


Black people are the only people I ever hear talking about illusions and facades as a good thing.


Like that's some slave shit. That's the shit White people make us think we need to gain acceptance.

I bet Master was like, "Look at Jimbo, see, he's a good nigger. He works hard, takes care of his family. You wanna be like Jimbo. Don't be like Joseph, that's a bad nigger. He's always trying to escape and we whip him good. But he don't get it."

Like really there is some Black kid in some shithole that sees Obama on TV and shit and they grow up to be somebody cause that sellout is smiling and shit with his family...

Even J.Edgar Hoover said it's better for Black people to accept their place in society and if we will not accept our place, he would kill us all. He said it is better to have the admiration of the White man than to be a dead man and he will teach our kids that...

And that's all what these "Good" images teach us. Teach us to be bitches and to be comfortable and well liked.