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recent interview about his lawsuit vs the cable tv system



he is fighting for ownership by blacks... 


I give him credit for his attempt to bring attention to this blatant racist discrimination occurring with the Cable industry, however,it is given with much reservation because I've never heard of anything that he did for African America, or of him addressing or fighting for or against anything Black people were fighting for or against, until he was unable to obtain the deal he wanted with the Cable industry; then all of a sudden, he's all "Black" and concerned about the racial discrimination and unfairness that Black people face in this country. 

Allen was concerned with Black entertainment ownership and importantly "The Holy Grail" Distribution, from the get go. He is entwined with other Black owned entertainment owners, in fact it was another Black owned entertainment business that was rejected by Time Warner or Comcast and it was then he put up the money against these big time entertainment distribution companies in a lawsuit that includes the FCC.

Tell me where is the fuck is Obama, it was a FCC decision that answers to Obama, the FCC Chairman that is an Obama appointment to make the right decision and distribute Black owned entertainment through the entertainment establishment. White people are not going to just let that happen, too much money to share with Black people, hell no and Obama sided with the Hollywood white establishment. 

Obama was aware of this issue because Byron Allen met with Obama and gave big money to his campaign to try to insure that they were going to get fair treatment in entertainment distribution and when it was time for the FCC to make the decision, white money spoke up and told Obama "keep them niggers out." YES MASSA!  Obama is a SERVANT, BOUGHT BY RICH WHITE ESTABLISHMENT.  

I have much respect for Mr Byron Allen. 

What this shows, a rich Black man like Byron Allen can't buy political favors from this Black president even when his case is Righteous.